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Kinfire Kickstarter Conundrums Pt. 1

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

During our Kickstarter campaign the team wanted to find a way to get our community involved and be part of the fun and creation. So each day for 2 weeks we presented a Conundrum (just like the cards in the game) and the backers voted which direction the story should go. We kept a tally of Kinfire tokens each Seeker had earned, and at the end of the campaign that Seeker got a special prize. Oh, and did we mention our story editor was tying these conundrums into a coherent story and the art team was drawing sketches for each of the winning choices? It was quite the adventure.

And rather than have folks dig through the Kickstarter updates to read all those adventures, we wanted to put them all in one easy-to-find location. Well, 2 places. It’s a bit too big for one post, so check back next week for part 2.

But for now, here is the Conundrum of the Cosplay Box (pt. 1)


Guildmaster Leera strolls into the dining hall and drops a box onto the table. “Special delivery,” she says before walking away.

Khor pries open the lid and gasps. “It came!” they say. They turn the box for everyone to see. “Who wants to try it on first?”

Feyn laughs and smacks his mug down on the table. He grins at Asha, who turns away. “No way,” she says. “I am NOT wearing that.”

Valora puts a hand out to touch it. “It’s so cute! Where did you get this?”

“A kind tailor in the Nests owed me a favor,” Khor says.

Still laughing, Feyn stands up. “How about we have ourselves a friendly wager? The winner will get to wear this little number.” He motions to Khor’s box.

Roland shakes his head. Naz starts to walk away.

“What…are you all afraid of a little competition?” Feyn asks.

Naz stops in her tracks and turns around. “Fine,” she says. Everyone around the table shrugs and then finally agrees.

Feyn rubs his hands together. “Let the contest begin!”


Valora collapses onto the ground, letting her head rest on a log. “Wow, Khor. That was delicious.”

“Yes, indeed,” Roland says, patting his stomach. “While I myself was in the mood for a fine sausage, that venison burger really did hit the spot.”

Khor stops scrubbing their pan long enough to bow in gratitude.

“Did you hear that sound?” Asha appears from behind a nearby tree, their hand resting on the hilt of their dagger. “What is that?”

Naz yawns. “Relax. It’s just Feyn over there snoring.” They all turn to where Feyn has fallen asleep in a patch of tall grass.

“Yes, I’m afraid he ate more than his fair share,” Khor says. "But Asha, you haven't taken a single bite of yours."

Asha looks down at the sandwich in their other hand. They grimace and take a small taste. Khor watches expectantly as Asha nods and smiles tightly. Satisfied, Khor goes back to cleaning up.

As soon as Khor’s back is turned, Asha’s face sours. They spit the burger behind the tree and toss the remains into the bushes as Valora giggles. “Ugh—venison.”

A howl sounds off in the distance and Naz looks up at the darkening sky. “How late is it? Get up, everyone! We need to get back to the city.”


The sun is setting just as Valora throws a rope over the zip-line. She is giddy with excitement. “Are you all ready?!”

Roland shakes his head, his face a little green. “Perhaps I’ll just meet you there.”

Asha pushes him from behind. “Oh, no you don’t. Come on, it’s not that bad.”

“There's the city wall." Valora points. "It’s not far. And look at Naz—she’s not afraid.”

Naz straps herself in. “Let’s just get this over with.”

“It’s not fear that’s keeping me from it.” Roland puts a hand to his gurgling stomach. “It’s those venison burgers.”

Khor puts up a finger. “Wait…I do believe we’re missing someone.”

They all turn back to the camp. Feyn stands there alone, rubbing the back of his neck. He slowly makes his way to the cable and reaches up, his hands shaking.

“Feyn, are you afraid of heights?" Asha asks.

Feyn grins sheepishly and a few of them try not to laugh. Khor reaches out to pat Feyn’s back. “We all have our struggles that we have to overcome.”

Valora and Asha push themselves off the tree, launching across the zip-line. “Woo-hoo!” Their cries of joy echo through the dusk-lit valley. The others follow close behind.

They nearly reach the other side when the cable suddenly snaps. They tumble through the air. Moments later, back on their feet, they find themselves in a darkened forest…


The monster stands to its full, towering height. Naz feels for her sword. “My weapons! They must have slipped out when we fell.”

Asha reaches for their dagger and finds it missing. “How could I have been so stupid! I left it in my other outfit.”

“No one has a single weapon on them?” Naz looks around at the group, but they only shrug.

Valora pushes up her sleeves and bounces on her feet. “We can take it. Come on.”

“Maybe we should think this through first,” Feyn says, a nervous edge to his voice. “We could let Asha distract it with her trademark humor and charm.” Asha rolls their eyes.

The monster takes a step closer to them, thick strings of saliva dripping from its razor-sharp teeth.

“You know,” Khor says, seeming unafraid. “It’s possible the creature might just be thirsty.” They approach the monster with their hands up. “Hello there. My name is Khor.”

The creature seems to snarl in response. “Greeellfffffaggh.”

Khor nods. “I see. Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Greelfagh.”

Roland steps up next to Khor and greets the creature. “I just so happen to have a kettle and some orcish tea– Luca’s special blend.” The monster's eyes light up.

Khor reaches into their satchel and pulls out a box. “Perhaps you would like to try this game I recently purchased in town. It’s all the rage. I had to order the deluxe edition months ago. It has a hand-painted first player token carved from real elven teakwood.”

Moments later, they are all gathered around the game, sipping cups of freshly brewed tea alongside their new friend, Greelfagh.

Naz sighs as she takes her turn. “If I'm going to beat you all, I'll have to make it fast. We're already late for the Seekers' Dinner back in the city."

"Ugh," Asha groans. "Do we have to?"

Valora beams. "Yes, we have to! I bought a brand new outfit just for the occasion. Chef-prepared dishes, fine china, crystal goblets, candelabras. It'll be just like home…"


When the Seekers arrive at Guildmaster Leera’s estate, everyone else is already stuffing their faces and pushing up their sleeves to show off their battle scars.

The guildmaster, seated at the head of the table, stands and raises a glass. “I would like to make a toast in honor of what has to be the bravest team of Seekers to have ever walked this city.”

Feyn straightens in his seat. Valora pats her hair. Asha smirks.

The guildmaster’s eyes glaze over them one-by-one before passing to the other side of the table where a serious-looking group of muscular Seekers sit. “Congratulations,” the guildmaster says, lifting her glass to them.

Even Khor seems to stare in disbelief. Roland grunts.

“What?!” A grizzled elf at the other end of the table stands. “Those featherweights?!

A glob of pudding appears from nowhere and smacks the side of the elf's face. Suddenly, food is flying through the air in all directions. A greasy chicken leg catapults right into Valora’s lap. She stands, scowling. “That’s it," she says as she pulls an enormous platter of red-sauced linguini from the table. “Do you know how much this outfit cost?” Feyn takes one end of the platter, and together they launch the linguini.

Asha dodges the bits of flying food, glaring across the table at the other team of Seekers. “Bravest? We’ll see about that.” Khor hands them an oversized gravy boat and nods in approval. Asha pulls back and flings the gravy with all their strength.

Guildmaster Leera, somehow perfectly clean, stands from her seat. “That will be quite enough. This behavior is unbecoming to Seekers." She glares around the room. "Perhaps you’ve all been working a bit too hard and could use a few days off. And while you’re at it, I expect each and every one of you to actually read a book or two and report to me on it when you return. Clearly, you need to broaden your horizons a little.”

A clump of thickened gravy lands on the guildmaster’s forehead and slides down her face. She stands for a moment, glaring straight ahead until, silently, she reaches down for the tureen of beet soup…


Did you contribute to any of these conundrum votes? Any that didn't quite go your way? Let us know in the comments, and click here to go to Part 2 of the Conundrum of the Cosplay Box!

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