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Kinfire Chronicles Launches in One Week!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Learn what the team has been up to since Gen Con, and find out the Kickstarter pledge levels when we launch on August 30th.

In exactly one week, on Tuesday August 30th at 11amET/8amPT, we will be unleashing Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall into the world! Well, into Kickstarter. Our team is excited and anxious, but ready. As you probably already know, we had initially planned to launch on August 9th, but as we attended Gen Con and spoke to more and more people, we realized that while launching the Tuesday after Gen Con was still attainable, we could provide a much better experience for everyone if we took the time to reflect, refine, and reorganize. So the day before launch, we announced that we would be delaying. And you all took it so well. Thank you again for your patience, your support, and frankly, your understanding! We never expected the response to a launch delay to be as positive as it has been, and everywhere we go we keep seeing, “Well I thought the game was great as is, but if you can improve it before launch, we trust you!” Seriously. Thank you for that. It means a lot.

So what exactly have we done that warranted a delay in our Kickstarter launch? While I can’t share everything with you, and frankly, most of it is boring talking-to-manufacturers-about-price-differences-between-materials stuff, here are a few highlights that we think you’ll enjoy, and will provide some transparency on how we’ve been using the time post-Gen Con (and frankly, some before Gen Con time too)

Redesigned Card Art

One thing we can say about Incredible Dream and the development of Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall: we’re not new to games, but we are new to print. When we got the prototype copy of the game in, we took one look at it and went, “Oh no, everything is too dark! Especially the blue cards, they look black!” But rather than do the easy thing and change the card color name from blue to black, we went back and redesigned the entire card structure. We immediately made the colors brighter, but we also included more color on each card. We reviewed player feedback about the card iconography and made some adjustments. And, to be more accessible to our colorblind players, we added symbols to correspond with each card color for easier identification.

Some of the changes from our prototype to now

Even after the Kickstarter launch, I don’t think we’ll look at Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall as ever truly finished. There are elements small and large that can always be improved, and while we are working hard to identify and enhance everything we can, there will still be things in the final version of the game that we’ll look at and go, “That could have been better.” An artist’s work is never done, as they say. But we're very proud of our work nonetheless.

Forteller Games is providing game narration and music

If you were at Gen Con, you might have spotted our Art Director Kate Redesiuk meeting people and showing off our prototype at the Forteller Games booth. We had a wonderful time talking with Tom and Nicholle, and together we realized that there’s a ton of text in this game! Okay, we actually knew that a long time ago, but the point is, not every game group has the budding actor who wants to read the cards out loud and give voices to the NPCs.

One of the big things we wanted with Kinfire Chronicles was for it to be a gateway/alternative for friend groups who wanted to play RPGs, but nobody wanted to GM. And then we realized: by having professional actors narrate the cards, this was a major step not just towards approachability, but accessibility. My friend group has someone with dyslexia in it, and he would never pick up a game like this unless there was someone like me happy to read all the cards. But with narration, he’d be more likely to pull the game off the shelf. Words are hard. And we were thrilled that Forteller Games saw something beautiful in Kinfire Chronicles worthy of their company. So not only will we be getting all of our cards professionally narrated so that you can save your voice at the table, they’ll also be helping us make a music playlist just for the game through their Fabler app!

Their Majesty Kate Redesiuk at the Forteller booth at Gen Con

We are putting some stretch goals into the box at launch

We had a lot of wonderful talks with gamers and publishers who told us what they were really looking for in a Kickstarter campaign, and what they want to see in stretch goals. While we were predominantly on the right track, we realized there were certain things that we could include right away, mostly thanks to the incredible speed and talent of our art team.

As a result, we’re going to be upgrading some of our card art (for example, adding color to previously black and white illustrations). We also have plans to add new artwork to cards and components that previously didn’t have any (such as certain story cards and the player mats in the premium collection). While our art team is fast, they needed a little extra time so that we could reflect this in the campaign.

What our Quest cards used to look like, versus what they look like now

As for stretch goals, we’ll be mostly relegating them to things that will physically take up space in the box, and we’ll need to pay to produce, such as sidequests and upgraded component elements. In order to keep the game as affordable as possible-- whether we have 500 backers or 1000s-- the initial box includes essential gameplay and basic components. As we get more backers, we're investing our volume savings back into making the game even better for everyone with more content and upgraded components. You can help upgrade the game by not only backing us, but by telling your friends!

We are adjusting our planned pledge levels

For a handful of us, this is our first Kickstarter, and we maaaay have gotten a little too excited. We had too many pledge levels, and it was causing confusion. We knew we were going to adjust it, but having the extra time to reflect, we’ve settled on these 4 levels:

$1- Access to the Pledge Manager

Aka: Back us because you believe in it! Don’t have the money right now, but you will some time before the pledge manager closes? This game isn’t quite your cup of tea but you know it will be for others and you want to see it succeed? This is the tier for you.

*Note*- Any MSRP discounts available in pledge levels will not be reflected in the pledge manager.

$99- Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall Board Game

Pretty self explanatory. This is going to be the game that’s available in stores and on our website (if all goes well). The game will retail for $149 MSRP, so you’re saving $50 off the purchase price by supporting us on Kickstarter. You’ll get all 15 quests (plus any we unlock in stretch goals), all 20+ locations, all 100+ NPCs and enemies, all 1200+ cards, narration for all of those cards, and any base game stretch goals.

$175- Kinfire Premium Collection (Board Game, Upgrade Kit, and Forteller Audio Narration)

For the gamer who wants it all, and wants it to look good. You’ll receive a copy of Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall and any base game stretch goals. In addition, you’ll receive a second box with premium upgraded components including: acrylic standees for 30+ enemies, 6 neoprene player mats now customized to each Seeker (one of the art upgrades mentioned earlier), and 50 metal Fate tokens. You’ll also receive an access code for the premium audio narration pack by Foreteller Games.

There are also several add-on components that will be automatically included in the premium collection if we reach those stretch goals. A $225 MSRP value, so you’re saving $50!

$450- Retailer Premium Bundle

Available only to brick and mortar Friendly Local Game Stores: 3 copies of the Premium Collection.

WIP of Valora's player mat

Well I think that’s it! A little peek behind the curtain of what we’ve been up to, and what's to come.

We're so grateful to you for being on this journey with us so far, and we can’t wait to hit that launch button on August 30th!



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