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Introducing our Webcomic- Kinfire Chronicles: First Expedition

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

When the team started developing the board game, we knew Kinfire Chronicles wasn’t just going to be a board game. We wanted the world we were building to feel rich, and alive. A world that was fit for games, novels, tv shows, and more. So the narrative consultants Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz and Jakub Szamalek built Atios with a grand history in mind. There was a rich account of the magic of Kinfire, and a longstanding conflict between dwarves and elves over its acceptable uses. There was the mystery of the Starless Nights, and several accounts of them throughout the millennia of history they had written. There were creative yet familiar species with captivating histories and cultures. And best of all, there were plenty of opportunities for new contributors to add to the world.

The world of Kinfire Chronicles was initially created for the board game we were developing, but that was never the place we wanted it to stay forever. And we figured the best way to expand the grander Kinfire Chronicles IP was with something visual, like a webcomic. And technically, since it’s releasing before Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall, it is the first entry in the world of Kinfire Chronicles. No pressure.

Of course, if we’re going to tell an incredible story, we’re going to need some incredible storytellers. Enter author Brandon Chen, and artist Xinillus (affectionately known as Xin).

Originally a novelist, Brandon started gravitating towards writing for more visual mediums such as manga. He participated in the Shonen Jump Tezuka 100 contest and started gaining a following in his new art form. When had the opportunity to write for a new platform, VoyceMe, he wound up creating one of their most popular titles: God Game. Then he started writing serials. He was a rising star, and our CEO took notice. “Jane reached out to me after reading God Game, I believe,” Brandon explained. “She pitched the concept of Kinfire and the prospect of potentially working together on a spin-off of this incredibly unique IP. I was ecstatic to be involved.”

He was even more ecstatic to find out that he’d be working with Xin, whom he’d worked with before, but never on such a grand project. A professionally trained artist, Xin loves to explore art that combines fine art and entertainment, “creating a tasteful, refreshing, and also entertaining world for the audience.” Xin came to us with an extensive background in both gorgeously designed print work, and colorful and engaging manga. Together, the two made the perfect team.

Just one of Xin's many breathtaking pieces of art

So what is Kinfire Chronicles: First Expedition all about, anyway? I’ll do my best to avoid any spoilers you wouldn’t encounter in the first issue, but if you want to go into the story completely fresh, then immediately stop reading!

… You still here? Cool. Let’s do this!

If the game Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall is an adventure story, then the comic Kinfire Chronicles: First Expedition is a mystery story. It takes place one year after the Starless Night that permanently altered Atios and decimated nearly all life that wasn’t in the elven city of Din’Lux, protected by their Kinfire lighthouse. The story begins with Phaeon, a newly created revenant. Revenants are mechanical creatures injected with a departed soul through the magic of Kinfire, which then remains in the mechanical chest, powering the body. Revenants have no memory of who they were in their former life. Until Phaeon, who unexpectedly starts to have memories of who they used to be. This makes them a fascinating and desirable subject to several people, including their “creator” Talos, a fellow Revenant who lacks memories of their own. Overwhelmed and confused, Phaeon escapes and sets out to learn more about who they once were.

They flee directly into the path of the First Expedition: the very first group of adventurers preparing to venture out into the unknown world altered by the Starless Night, protected only by the new technology of small lanterns filled with Kinfire. They are the very first Seekers, and pave the way for the characters you’ll be playing as in the board game.

Each member of the First Expedition is renowned for their skills as warriors, strategists, or even mages. But while they’re each individually exceptional, as a team they’re not necessarily always in agreement. From the headstrong dwarf Eitri the Invincible, to the wizened orc matriarch Kirrogora, to the standoffish elven warrior Elaine, to their less than fearless human leader Belethor, there are more than enough strong personalities to go around, and the odds seem stacked against them. That is, until they meet Phaeon, a being with Kinfire literally burning in their chest. But all Phaeon wants is some answers. As do several other interested parties in Din’Lux…

Concept art for Eitri, Belethor, Kirrogora, and Elaine

Kinfire Chronicles: First Expedition will be released on Webtoon on July 15th, with new episodes dropping every Friday. To get the first episode a week early, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter. Go ahead, you can judge a book by it's cover just this once. Who's your favorite character so far?

You can follow Brandon on most platforms, but he is best known for TikTok

You can follow Xin on most platforms @xinillus, but she is best known for Instagram

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